Thursday, June 26, 2008

*New* Phak Thung Sang Ka Ya- Egg Custard Pumpkin

As a certified dessert freak ( I can eat dessert anytime, before a meal, in between, and after), I have certified our newly added egg custard pumpkin as DELISH! 
Only RM2.90 ( for a limited period). Check it out now!

Crowd pleaser

Since our opening, we've about 50 customers who have shared their feedback with us. We're glad to say we're on the right track! With more than 95% positive and encouraging feedback, we're pushing ahead to better our services. We strive to improve ourselves in all facets of our cafe. We are proud to say, without a doubt, serve the most authentic Thai cuisine, certified by our many Thai friends and those who frequent Thailand. Our cuisine is affordable, and largely based on the good hawker food found on the streets and markets of Bangkok. 
However one thing's for sure; there is the other 5% who were not pleased at all. With this, we've come to the conclusion that we have 2 types of customers: fans and.... haters!
The fans are those who either have had Thai food before, and love it, or those who haven't had much experience with Thai food, yet love what we offer. Then there are the haters who on the most part, have had little or no Thai cuisine experience and bash us up completely with their "criticism", which we always take constructively. We wish them luck on their gastronomic escapades.... So "sa wat dee" to both our fans and haters, from Mango.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

We've got the look

Being so new, we're always finding ways to improve and we're glad that customers, friends and family have been so supportive. Khaawp khoon kha- Thank you. Photos: Our new display fridge and curtains as mentioned in previous post.
We have been having internal food tasting and we can't wait to share our new menu with everyone very soon. We're bringing the taste of Thailand to KK, with more delicious meals and decadent desserts. The best part is that you can indulge without worrying about your pocket. Pop by to try new promo items at promo prices, as the come out hot from the kitchen. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New additions

Our display fridge finally arrived and we'll soon be adding more cakes and cold desserts to the menu..
We've also got new threaded curtains which have really enhanced our existing decor, and I must say it has a real "wow" factor now! We'll continue to improve and also be updating our menu with more mouth watering Thai dishes, so you must come soon to try them all!

Friday, June 13, 2008

New happenings at Mango

Meanwhile, please do join us for a quick, HOT LUNCH, with our THAI MIXED RICE menu:
Fish = RM2.00
Meat = RM1.50
Vegetable = RM1.00
(Minimum RM3.00, plain rice complimentary)
Mon-Fri, 12pm-3pm.
Plus, with the arrival of a new team member, we'll soon be introducing our weekly Chef's Corner Specials. You'll be the first to know right here, so stay posted...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Many happy returns!

We celebrated John's mum's birthday, Maureen, at Mango yesterday evening, along with family members. She is also the very person who created part of our staff uniform- our signature Thai pants! She will always be an important part of Mango. Happy birthday Auntie!

Monday, June 9, 2008

New items...

We introduced our mango cupcakes and green tea cupcakes earlier in the week, and my no.1 fan, Sammi, came to visit! She was so pleased to see the cupcakes, on top of the 2 avocado ice-cream "potong" that she ate. 
Sticky rice mango, "khao niew ma muang" has garnered quite a following too, over the past week. Well, Friday nite we catered for a surprise birthday party at Kinabalu Golf Club, and we were glad to see that most of the food had been cleared off the serving trays. In fact the leftover soup, had been "ta-pau"d. If you'd like to have a party at our place, or would like us to cater for your event, just call us at 014 6700709 (melanie/john)

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Despite a surprise with the SMS for our joint promo with DiGi that was sent out earlier today, we managed to serve guests with the set menu. At the same time, we kicked off our Thai Mixed Rice Lunch.. very economical and fast for the executives in the area. RM1 for each vegetable, and RM1.50 for each meat. Boy, we had some happy campers! Glad that they've said they'll come back again too. 
Nevertheless, if you were one of the few selected DiGi customers who received the Mobile Voucher via SMS, the offer is as follows:

DiGi Customers' offer @ MANGO
7 item set menu for 2 @ RM25 (normal price RM41). 
Valid 1-30 June 2008. 
Call 014 6700 907 for reservations to avoid disappointment.

1. Tom Yum Soup
2. Green Curry Chicken
3. Stir Fried Long Beans
4. Spicy Prawns
5. Jasmine Rice
6. Lemongrass Tea
7. Fresh Fruits

All the above items are for 2 pax. Just show our staff the SMS before ordering.

So we did have a number of people  calling to enquire, and we believe this is an offer not to be missed. However I'm not sure why some of the callers expressed their concern for Thai food being too spicy (??), even after explaining to them that they could request no chillies if they wanted... However, that defeats the purpose of Thai food... strange but true!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Engine's revved up

The opening was a blast, and we're quickly getting into gear for our mixed rice lunch coming up next week.. In the meantime, there're always things we learn from customers that keep us on our toes...However, the plus side is that it's always heartening to see people enjoy your food. Especially when you've put your heart and soul into making it. For instance, we had an order of one of my of mango cupcakes- mango pieces and mango buttercream- and the customers asked for another! Plus almost all the food was cleared off the plates. So far, we've had very positive reviews. Our opening day was really a test for us and I must thank our entire team for doing so well. And thank you for your support, especially fellow bloggers! 
We hope to see you all again soon.
Here's our ala carte menu:

Tuesday, June 3, 2008



We did it! Despite all our worries, our opening attracted a good crowd for both the official lunch opening and the day's dinner. In fact, the food was swiped off the plates within 1.5 hours during both sessions. Our dinner crowd was kinda overflowing, as latecomers struggled to find seats. But we were glad they stayed on to try our food. We've been running around so much in preparation for today-I'm completely knackered. Here's to busy days ahead. Photos of our day before prep and the day's event.